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This workshop aims to increase the adaptability of each individual through the development of acute body awareness. Guided in continuous exploration, we connect with each part of the body, creating greater sensitivity and mobility. Combining somatic and dance practices, each gesture has an origin and purpose which serves to maximize the physical potential of each individual. By exploring different movement systems, we learn to challenge ourselves at all times, from one state to another, playing with intensity, speed, and rhythms, reacting with spontaneity. In response to these suggestions, we no longer limit ourselves to our patterns, which allows us to develop new ways of moving, perceiving and generating movement.


These principles are reinvested and put into practice at the end of the workshop by creating a choreographic phrase or learning repertoire from the company.

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Solo Except

BEYOND in rehearsal
Plaidoyer pour l'Interdépendance in rehearsal
Jason Martin
FLY - Creation Lab
FLY - Creation Lab
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